Café Concrete

Solo exhibition of new work by Tessa Lynch

Preview: 7 – 9pm, Friday 10 October 2014

Glasgow Sculpture Studios presented a solo exhibition of new work by Tessa Lynch, developed throughout her one year Graduate Fellowship at GSS from November 2013 until November 2014. This exhibition continued the artist’s formal investigations into the mimicry of urban objects, techniques and scenarios in order to provide a space for commentary on the emotional impact of the built environment and the neo-liberalism that commands the design of the 21st century city.

CaféConcrete was a portrait of a “city living” artist, in which Lynch critiques her own ideal image of an artist “living as flaneur” by recognising the near impossibility of the task. Here Lynch focused on the long debated existence of the “flaneuse”, the female version of the saunterer, questioning how do women experience and occupy public space?

For the exhibition Lynch created a new series of sculptures, executed in ubiquitous urban materials such as aluminium, rain water, paper mulch, copper and chewing gum. Reworked through a series of techniques linked to industrial construction these objects formally echod Lynch’s everyday city scenarios and observed ‘flaneurial exploits’. For Lynch, an artist whose work often revolves around performative and collaborative situations, Cafe Concrete rather focused in on the artists personal and performative negotiations with the fabric of the city itself. And, through her experience of city life invites the audience as flaneuse to wander through Cafe Concrete and draw out their own observations.

The exhibition was generously supported by anCnoc.

The 2013 Fellowship was generously supported by The Gordon Foundation.