The metal workshop contains an extensive list of tools and equipment;

6m custom made chopping bench (rod, sq tube, angle, flat bar etc) Length 13 m in total
2m wide wall mounted steel racking
Piranha ironworker machine – cutting, bending, notching
Cold saw (slow speed), (lubricated)
Makita chop saw
Four Mig welders (1x Esab MIG 325 / 1x ARCTEC PSF2 / 2x MUREX trades mig 165)
Two Large vices
Small upright double grinding wheel
Upright bench grinder/ polisher
Oxy-acetylene cutting & welding equipment (1 SET)
Plasma cutter (Powermax 1000, G3 series)
Guillotine foot pedal manual action (1mt width) (1mm thick materials only).
Sheet bending / folding machine – manual operation
Two Anvils
Large overhead mobile gantry
Large Pillar drill (Kitchen & Wade) Multi speed
Large steel roller / bender  – (solid rod / flat bar / sheet)
3 x flexible extraction ports
Air compressor

The metal workshop is looked after by a team of workshop technicians who can provide artists with advice on the technical implementation of projects, offer information on the quality and properties of materials, and assist, where possible, with solutions to complex projects.

The workshops are open Monday – Wednesday 9.30am – 9pm and Thursday – Saturday 9.30am – 5.30pm (the workshops will be closed every 4th Saturday. Please call the office for further information)

A system of session fees paid daily, weekly or monthly contribute to the running of all equipment and the cost of consumables provided by the workshop.

If you are interested in using our facilities please contact us by phone on 0141 353 3708, email, or by talking to a Glasgow Sculpture Studios member of staff at The Whisky Bond’s main reception (open 9am-5pm, Mon – Fri unless otherwise disclosed).

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