Performance and Publication Launch

Friday 28 February 2014
6.30pm – 8:30pm

Scott Rogers’ solo exhibition Negative Miracle will conclude with a performance and the launch of a new publication, both by the artist.

Titled Goosebumps the publication includes a newly commissioned fictional text by science-fiction author Mark von Schlegell. The publication forms a parallel to the exhibition, bringing together Rogers’ recent images and research material in the form of a photo essay. Von Schlegell’s short story “The Daisy Horrors” interrupts this documentary / documentation causing a shift in the logic of the publication.

A new performance, Fuguing, will be a video lecture presented by Rogers. The lecture will mix story-telling with factual data, focusing on elements of temporal dissonance, collapse, and simulation, and utilising performative techniques that suggest analogies with the works in Negative Miracle.

American/Irish art writer Mark von Schlegell is the author of the novels Venusia (2005) and Mercury Station (2009), and of the critical works Realometer (2009) and Dreaming the Mainstream (2013). He currently resides in Cologne, Germany.

The publication is generously supported by The Arts Trust Scotland and The Glasgow Sculpture Studios.