Dare to Count Phonemes and Graphemes

Published by Bergen Kunsthall, Glasgow Sculpture Studios and Sternberg
Contributions by Ute Meta Bauer, Kyla McDonald, Kathy Noble, Steinar
Sekkingstad and Haegue Yang
Design by Studio Manuel Raeder


This catalogue accompanies two parallel solo exhibitions held in the autumn of 2013 by Haegue Yang: Journal of Bouba/kiki at Glasgow Sculpture Studios (5 October–20 December 2013); and Journal of Echomimetic Motions at Bergen Kunsthall, Bergen, Norway (18 October–22 December 2013). This new collaborative publication, Dare to Count Phonemes and Graphemes, has evolved within the framework of these geographically separate, yet collaboratively conceived exhibitions. While each exhibition was an independent manifestation, they both are intrinsically linked to Yang’s continuous artistic evolution. The developments shown are emblematic of the artist’s recent projects, focusing on the ideas of abstraction and motion. This catalogue presents two newly commissioned texts, by Ute Meta Bauer and Kathy Noble, as well as an interview between Yang and the respective curators of the exhibitions, which explore the artist’s distinctive and diverse work.

The publication can be purchased at our reception and online (shipping will be charged in addition).