Jennifer Argo employs a multi-disciplinary practice comprised of sculpture, illustration, photography and installation, working collaboratively with architects, designers who practice sustainable design. Her work explores an amalgamation of natural systems, using the patterns that exist in the physical universe as a metaphor for anthropological dynamics.


Jennifer Argo is a visual artist from the North East of Scotland; having trained at Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen, her studies culminated in the development of an interdisciplinary practice comprised of installation, sculpture, and illustration. Argo’s work has been featured in Grafik, Archdaily, A10 Magazine, and The Grind.  She has recently been awarded a travel award for a period of research and travel  she is about to undertake in New Zealand by the JD Fergusson Arts Award Trust, and a commendation from the GIA (Glasgow Institute of Architects), alongside architect Baxendale (Lee Ivett), for a sanctuary space in Caledonia Road Church, a Stalled Spaces site run by arts organization Wave Particle, in Glasgow.