The work of Tom Harrup is concerned with the incremental progress of repetitious actions, of concealed forms, vernacular and non-human architecture, journeys to marginal places, and contorted observations based on urban existence. He has a fascination with materials and their manipulation, and is duly shaped by them in return. In the workshop environment he has welded, cast and carved his sculptural objects; process and its place in the finished artifact relate to a viewpoint of the making process as a progressive, reciprocal, and sometimes non-material act. This ideology has manifested most notably in Internal Tourist and Curio Urbex, whose themes of accumulation, concealment and illusion are addressed in his ongoing blog ‘In and Around a Head’.


Tom Harrup graduated in 2010 from the Master of Fine Art (MFA) course at the Glasgow School of Art, after which he moved his practice to Glasgow Sculpture Studios. He was previously employed as Technician at both the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, and the University of Wales Institute, Cardiff. As a self-employed Artist Technician he has since worked for several Glasgow-based and some international galleries, and has fabricated sculpture for artists such as David Shrigley, Nathan Coley, Sara Barker, Corin Sworn and Laura Aldridge. He has installed exhibitions for The Common Guild, Scotland and Venice, Glasgow International and various local artists, and continues to assist David Shrigley as studio manager.  Tom worked as Assistant Director and Director of Photography for the production of Deniz Üster’s film Beyond is Before, and latterly as Director of Photography and Set Designer for her collaborative work The Polity of F. His favourite production is his daughter, Olive.